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    EURoadTrip2019 Portimao


    Another track driven, another box ticked. #portimao Perfect conditions, unlike the drizzling lap of Monza in the Gallardo. No sausage machine ques, just myself and the instructor, Miguel. A development driver for some top brands and all round nice guy……

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    EURoadTrip2019 Salzburg


    Alorra, not much to say about yesterday’s ride. Planned to leave at 6am and breakfast in Venice en route to Mattighofen, but woke up at 7:15 and adjusted accordingly… as we do in Italy. Leisurely breakfast followed by the scenic…

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    EURoadTrip2019 MotoGP SanMarino


    Fun day under the Italian Sun!!! Slept like a rock, with two more power naps before breakfast of champions overlooking the Adriatic. Life is good in Italy Picked up a local SIM card for “Hot Spot” phone, 25 Euros for…

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    EURoadTrip2019 – Austria to Italy


    Lump in my throat as I bid the boys farewell. They head home while I get some me time… Decisions decisions, where to for the next three nights after plans for Goodwood Revival were cancelled last minute! When life hands…

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    2019 KTM Factory Tour Day 5


    Day 5, that’s a wrap. Actually it’s a burger. Feeling returning to my finger, took a last blast around Mattighofen, speed reading the small Austrian roadsigns as they rushed by. Managed to pull back the 11:08 eta to 10:58 over…

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    2019 KTM Factory Tour Day 4


    Day 4. Austrian Cultural Experience…. Eventually found a suitable keyring for my “keyless” key. Ended up visiting the 900 year old Hohenwerfen Fortress and enjoying a spectacular Birds of Prey show in the Falconry center. https://www.salzburg-burgen.at/…/hohenw…/plan-visit/history/ Note to self: Never…

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