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    EURoadTrip2018 – Portsmouth

    Lovely lunch in the beautiful town of Portsmouth. Hotel parking lot filling up with exotica! Room service snack dinner with #fos live-streaming. It’s about to get real. Bring on #fos2018

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    EURoadTrip2018 – Alfaholics

    Special day at the much anticipated Holy Grail, Alfaholics! Unannounced we received a warm welcome and tour through the facilities! might have been the rain! Impressive levels of stock for 105 Alfa’s, dispatched all over the world! Carbon, aluminum and…

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    EURoadTrip2018 – Aston Martin

    Bike theft, a real problem in the UK, called for proper measures! Full Monty Breakfast means just that. Still digesting the little bit I managed to work through! Thanks Alex J Jackson for a good time & a great ride,…

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    EURoadTrip2018 – UK

    Last year I learned to trust the GPS, besides a few early turns (my own fault), it has been reliable. Until yesterday. Routed me into truck euro crossing. Frustrating waste of time, but we survived. First ever EuroTunnel Crossing. 25…

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