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    Namibia 2, Day 4

    Namibia 2. Day 4. HometimeIn my experience, the outbound journey is infinitely more exciting than the return, despite covering the exact same road. That stretch between Springbok and Klawa, makes you realize where Bitterfontein gets is name from!Traditionally, Namibian border…

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    Namibia 2, Day 3

    Namibia 2, Day 3. Firstly, I neglected to mention it was Riaan Swart 5th anniversary with us at KTM Cape Town. Thanks for the commitment and loyalty Riaan, it’s been real. Everyday you surprise me, in really odd ways, but…

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    2020 Namibia 2, Day 2

    Namibia 2, Day 2.Not much to report today, besides another little meltdown by the General over the accomodation bill because Riaan is still waiting on his Gondwana Card. Some sightseeing around the fish river canyon, Canyon Roadhouse, Seeheim (great to…

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    2020 Namibia 2, Day 1

    Namibia 2. Day 1. 850km. My kind of day.Turns out Riaan Swart will be welcoming a baby into his life within the next month, so we decided, spontaneously, to take on a long overdue baby shower. In namibia. Perfect timing,…

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    2020 Namibia Day 9: The End

    And so ends the quiet before the storm of 2020. As usual dinner at the infamous Joe’s Beerhouse in Windhoek, didn’t disappoint. Decided to treat ourselves with tented accommodation Windhoek Game Camp, standard with dog and giraffe. Awesome setting and…

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    2020 Namibia Day 8: I Think

    Slow day in Africa. When you have to turn the music down to see where you are going in the sand. Mystified how we arrived in WalvisBay, missing Swakopmund completely. According to logistics, I missed two Swakopmund turnoffs. Never saw…

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