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    2020 Namibia 2, Day 1

    Namibia 2. Day 1. 850km. My kind of day.Turns out Riaan Swart will be welcoming a baby into his life within the next month, so we decided, spontaneously, to take on a long overdue baby shower. In namibia. Perfect timing,…

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    KTM 790 Duke gets Carbon Rims

    So last week we celebrated our 24 year anniversary and my wife bought some rims for my Scalpel, which also recently celebrated its first birthday. After a week of rain, I jumped at the opportunity to sample these bad boys…

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    Oudtshoorn – Cape Town

    Glamping over, we headed out toward Kango Caves and down to Groenrivier, Calitzdorp and Zeweweekspoort. All in all an epic trip with some great memories. Glad to be home, miss my boys, especially after the elephant hugs! If your job…

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    Port Alfred – Oudtshoorn

    Great day in the saddle, lost in my thoughts, missed the baviaans turnoff, took the Langkloof alternate road and met my riding buddy in Oudshoorn. Uneventful day with an unbelievable twist, thanks to my good mate Alex J Jackson of…

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    WaveCrest – Port Alfred

    Slow start to the day, soaking up the sunrise sipping my cappuccino. Problem with new generation bikes, their range is so good, refueling is no longer the first thing on your mind! Painted myself into a corner trying to find…

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    Port St Johns -WaveCrest

    Day 2: Day of Avoidance, long tiring day in the saddle avoiding dogs, pigs, goats, sheep, cows, horses, bulls, people, drunk people, taxis, drunk taxies, potholes and ruts. And I’m sure there was more… Roadbook locked and loaded, courtesy of…

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