WaveCrest – Port Alfred

Slow start to the day, soaking up the sunrise sipping my cappuccino.

Problem with new generation bikes, their range is so good, refueling is no longer the first thing on your mind! Painted myself into a corner trying to find the pont to cross over into Morgan Bay and had to double back while running low on fuel. Again.

That moment your senses are altered because you have isolated yourself and suddenly the bike won’t lift off the side stand. Thinking someone is holding the bike and about to accost you, cautiously check the rear view mirrors. Nothing. Look down in relief to see your foot firmly planted on the side stand. 🙈

Popped in to East London GP Circuit, bazaar experience. Open track, seems to be public road or thoroughfare, either way cars were coming and going, so I may have done a lap or two. My first time, what a daunting circuit, much narrower than it looks on tv and those corners “Potters” & “Rifle”, I bow to the confidence and skills of those that race there!

Caught up with Tony Chaplin just outside Port Alfred, good to catch-up.

Throughout this trip I’ve tried to visit places I’ve never been to before, often thinking to myself if these roads could speak, man they would have stories to tell. And then I arrived at East London GP Circuit, now that’s a book I would read!

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