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2020 Namibia 2, Day 1

Namibia 2. Day 1. 850km. My kind of day.
Turns out Riaan Swart will be welcoming a baby into his life within the next month, so we decided, spontaneously, to take on a long overdue baby shower. In namibia.

Perfect timing, for a back to back comparison of Torty (the camper van in case any of you were not paying attention in the last week) vs Bike. We do these comparisons so you do not have to. Logistics will be working from home on this trip.

Epic days riding. The look on the General Martin Jones face when I show him the video of us going over Piekenierskloofpass and he says: “I didn’t know you were filming” and I reply “thats why I slowed down to let you pass”…

Somehow lose Brian & Riaan. General buys me an ice cream (cos he is a gentleman like that) while I purchase data for my “hot spot” travel phone. When the official language is English, but everyone speaks Afrikaans. Love it.

Turns out two ice creams cost R57 in Nam. General quietly having a meltdown about parting with his hard earned cash, while I negotiate my Data requirements. “Why do you need so much data” the young lady asks. “Because my father has a porn additiction” I reply nodding my head at the grumpy man mumbling about the cost of his ice cream, looking increasingly like a pervert. “He looks like he likes porn” says the other lady. We laugh and laugh and laugh uncontrollably, I think I may have even cried. General (deaf) oblivious to what’s going on asks what’s funny… I can’t speak, tears rolling. Apparently never seen me laugh like this. Ever. Some how everything he does from
then on just makes him look guiltier.

Lightening and light rain as we approach Gondwana’s Canyon Village. Good to be back.

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