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    Porsche Day

    We decided to take the Flatnose and 996 for an outing to clear our minds and get some video footage.  “Pure emotion”, firing up the 996, reversing out the garage, slowly crawling down the street allowing mechanicals to warmup, imaging…

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    '67 Sprint GT (Scalino),  Blog

    Scalino Blasted

    Scalino returned from blasting today. First sight was a bit of a shock revealing a lot more work and rust than originally visible. However, the important structural parts look very good. Suspension components have also had a makeover and look…

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    KTM 390 Duke, A Bike for all occassions

    As a dealer, a KTM dealer, I struggled to understand the 390 Duke positioning. Legally too much for under 18 and too little (read slow) for over 18. #preconceptions In my experience, naked bikes are not very practical in this…

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    Aston Martin AMR

    Taking delivery of a new AMR. From Aston Martin website: DISCOVER Extreme excitement Vantage AMR epitomises everything Vantage has stood for since 2005. Possessing dazzling charisma, and a core of inner steel, it is an icon of style and substance,…

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    '84 GTV6 3.0L (Replica),  Blog

    GTV6 3.0L (Replica)

    I purchased this car under the pretense, or assumption depending on your point of view, that it was a genuine 3L GTV6. Having bought two other cars from the same owner, I paid for it in advance, so not to…

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