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    Scalino – Simola2021


    In the thick of negotiations, Simola 2021 and its preparations had to take a back seat for what otherwise would have been my best prepared SimolaHC to date. Between forfeiting the first nights accomodation, (booked months in advance), and the…

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    2019 – 71Veloce Simola HillClimb


    4th #JaguarSGC done and dusted. Still reeling from last years frantic experience, once again left everything to the last minute. Only managed to swap out cylinder head on Monday, rewired (more or less) the dashboard, fitted seats, rechromed lights &…

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    71Veloce – Hill Climb Departure


    The day has arrived, Ready To Race, or not! And not without the last minute problems… Started blowing fuses on Monday, but had to leave for KTM Conference before finding the short. Returned last night and managed to source the…

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    71Veloce – Testing


    It feels like a gazillion hours since my last post, yet there is still so much to do! I think I am operating on California time I have had so little sleep. #neverfeltmorealive This time next week, I will be…

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    71Veloce – 4 Long Days


    Well, after 4 continuous days of splicing wires, cleaning parts, mocking up the engine bay & dash, I have a new found respect for mechanics, electricians, their skills, tools and foresight !!! Fabrication is not for sissies and I use…

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