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    In the thick of negotiations, Simola 2021 and its preparations had to take a back seat for what otherwise would have been my best prepared SimolaHC to date. Between forfeiting the first nights accomodation, (booked months in advance), and the…

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    GSXR750 Suzuki

    Hmm. Perks of the job, they say. Not entirely my cup of tea, but quite impressive nonetheless. 160kph in second gear, imagine what it does with the remaining 4 gears!Lovely torque, far to screamy for me, although I’m not completely…

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    Inspired by a meme from this morning, I had to add my limited opinion to the matter! It always amazes when clients ask my opinion on Tyres, only to complain about their (tyre) noise! Safety first people! In my opinion,…

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    2020 CDBA Day 4

    CDBA Reflections Not one for organized events, large crowds or riding in dust, I have to say I really enjoyed this past weekends CDBA event and I am proud to say we, KTM Cape Town, are partners with such a…

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    2020 CDBA Day 3

    CDBA: Day 3. Well. As days go, that was pretty out there! Absolutely sublime morning riding into wilderness over Montague Pass, bringing back great memories of the first time we did the pass (Uniondale, Baviaanskloof, back to Knysna in one…

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    2020 CDBA Day 2

    CDBA Day2: Louvain Guest Farm Lovely to see how entrenched Louvain Guest Farm are in the well being and development of their local community and surrounds. The world needs more people like them! Awesome days riding, making new friends, with…

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