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    Namibia 2017, Joe’s Beerhouse

    Absolutely gob smacked by Joe’s Beerhouse in Windhoek. Nothing like I expected, larger than anything Ive ever seen with outstanding service, superb Bratwurst and Ice Cold Beer! Took the time to update my videos, last one promise! Cape Town giving…

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    Namibia 2017, Tough Call

    This post requires background for context. Amanda (not on this trip Johnny, relax, you did not miss anything) and I have been Adventuring Namibia since 2003. Every trip has been memorable for different reasons, good & bad. Through the years…

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    Namibia 2017, Adventure 101

    Today was text book “How not to Adventure Bike”, precisely the reason we do “Adventure Bootcamps”. Something small escalates into a crazy sequence of events and things spiral out of control. In groups, things escalate more easily and good intentions…

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    Namibia 2017, Tyred

    Yesterday Namibia fed us Lemons, so we made Lemonade. We also made a public service video of it, “Changing tyres by Committee!” With knobblies already shearing off The Generals front tyre, punctures were no surprise. Although a punctured rear was!…

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    Namibia 2017, Grootberg

    Delayed start to the day while we waited for Duneworx Yamaha to open, so I could fit a new tyre. Good thing as laundry was still wet from the previous day. Dropped with housekeeping to tumble dry while we feasted…

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    Namibia 2017, Swakopmund

    Turns out Ed has a broken upper arm, but is safely back in Cape Town with his family. His bike will return to Cape Town in two weeks when his rescuer travels down to collect his restored Africa Twin. Love…

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