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    MotoGP-Qatar 2019

    I can confirm, 30 hours in Doha beats a 9 Hour layover at the airport, hands down. Especially when it includes an epic opening MotoGP! Thanks to the night race, we had time to explore our surrounds, and what a…

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    EURoadTrip2018 – Aston Martin

    Bike theft, a real problem in the UK, called for proper measures! Full Monty Breakfast means just that. Still digesting the little bit I managed to work through! Thanks Alex J Jackson for a good time & a great ride,…

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    2015 MotoGP Assen – Cathedral of Speed

    To celebrate our 20th Anniversary, we took a trip to Amsterdam and popped over to Belgium to visit an old family friend. By pure coincidence it, there was a MotoGP in Assen, the last Saturday race. So we decided to…

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