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2020 Namibia Day 9: The End

And so ends the quiet before the storm of 2020.
As usual dinner at the infamous Joe’s Beerhouse in Windhoek, didn’t disappoint.
Decided to treat ourselves with tented accommodation Windhoek Game Camp, standard with dog and giraffe. Awesome setting and accommodation!

Torty has grown on me, safe to say I am going to miss him. Although I wont miss encountering half dressed wrinkly old men in the ablutions. Suppose they think the same of me!

Definitely won’t be my last glamping trip. Took a while to settle into it, but I really enjoyed it. Not the same as a bike, but offers extreme flexibility with itinerary and exposure to the elements once stopped, with meals as you please!

Our 2 berth Travelstar included two gas stoves, electric fridge, toilet and shower neither of which we used), cutlery, crockery, lounge area (with bed packed away, which we never did), table and two chairs! All mounted on a latest generation 4×4 Toyota… can’t say I’m a huge fan, seems over geared for the load, with an annoying power mode which makes matters worse. Deceivingly nimble once on the boil, the high center of gravity shell quickly grabs your attention in corners, braking or cross winds.

Camping facilities in Namibia are really up to standard and the Namibian people extremely friendly and helpful. Bar one incident at Epupa where a local claimed he owned the land and demanded tourists pay him R20 per person to access the viewpoint. Tourists call police, local calls tribal chief… when two worlds collide, things could get awkward. Didn’t hang around to see the outcome of that one!

Been an epic trip, thanks for sharing it with me.

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