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2020 Namibia Day 8: I Think

Slow day in Africa. When you have to turn the music down to see where you are going in the sand.
Mystified how we arrived in WalvisBay, missing Swakopmund completely. According to logistics, I missed two Swakopmund turnoffs. Never saw them so they don’t count, I was following the GPS… almost only one road, which makes matters far worse!
Last night, sitting outside staring at the stars, reflecting on the day, it occurred to me it’s not something we do often on adventure bike trips. Torty is growing on me, open window driving policy definitely helping.
When logistics asks if I filled up today. I reply: you were in the car with me the whole day. Yes she says, but you went to the spar. You mean when I parked in the parking lot, left you in the car and walked into the spar. I need a holiday!

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