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Namibia 2, Day 3

Namibia 2, Day 3.

Firstly, I neglected to mention it was Riaan Swart 5th anniversary with us at KTM Cape Town. Thanks for the commitment and loyalty Riaan, it’s been real. Everyday you surprise me, in really odd ways, but that keeps it interesting. Your life is about to change indescribably, we got your back! #cheers

When the riding is so good, no photos to show and words do no justice.

Suppose a comparison between Torty (the camper) & bike is necessary. Stages like today, bike wins hands down. My absolute favorite piece of riding in the world, the orange river between Rosh Pinah and Felix Unite/Noordoewer. Beautiful, fast, flowing riding.
Take nothing away from the camper experience, for its own reasons, a great way to travel. But being on a bike, connected with the elements, wheel to wheel with mates, trusting your instinct & theirs, serene silence, lost in your thoughts, dealing with your monsters. Taking it all in. Today was all of that. And more. Privileged to be banging bars (I’ve always wanted to say that) with the General Martin Jones and the boys along the Orange River, riding out some frustrations! best way to clear the mind. Can we go back tomorrow.

The 1290 Super Adventure never fails to impress me. From scratching through Piekenierskloof pass to seeing the General elegantly landing his 200kg+ Beast in my rear view mirror… It just does not get better than that.

Some tech talk, regarding Tyres. I’ve always liked the black round ones, but today’s ride highlighted the difference between Continental TKC80 (on my bike) and my personal favorite (not anymore) Pirelli STR on Martins. General struggling for grip under braking and traction under acceleration, while my TKC allow me to choose my lines, give the General space to sort himself out almost riding into the river… more than once. We have always wanted to do a tyre test, but could never pull it together. Today was telling! Started out with new TKC on the rear, going to need another one for next weekends trip! Not cheap tyres, but well worth the peace of mind!

Namibia, #myhappyplace. Til next time.

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