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Namibia 2, Day 4

Namibia 2. Day 4. Hometime
In my experience, the outbound journey is infinitely more exciting than the return, despite covering the exact same road. That stretch between Springbok and Klawa, makes you realize where Bitterfontein gets is name from!
Traditionally, Namibian border control are a pleasure, but the last three experiences have not been so! I put on my race face, smile and greet friendly as I hand over my passport. Met with blank stare telling me to fill in the form. Look around the room and reply there are no forms. One gets put in front of me. May I borrow your pen, please! It’s like it’s their first time doing this… Irritated, I need a holiday. By comparison, South African side an absolute pleasure to deal with.

May have pushed on a bit this morning, having to fill up in Steinkopf and top up with the boys in Springbok…. then fill up again in Vanryhnsdorp and top up at Klawa…. and still wait 40mins for the General. I think I won that stage.

Wind noise seems to be having an affect on everyone hearing today. Conversation over breakfast:
Brian: Are you going to have coffee?
Martin: 5.8 liters per hundred
Riaan bids farewell to leave for his last scan:
Martin & Brian: Sunny side up please!
Everyone seems relaxed. Back to reality.

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