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EURoadTrip2018 – World Ducati Week

Blast from the past, great memories of WDW2002 come rushing back.

790 Duke stood their ground in a sea of red, loud & proud and very well received! Kudos to Ducati for allowing us into their domain! (I remember being upset about the non Ducati’s in the parking lot previously, I now have some sympathy for their situation!)

Great to see the Ducati Brand growing from strength to strength, even Jorge made an appearance.

Still a long way to travel with much to see and do, so we hit the road early.

Popped into Pagani, Lamborghini & Enzo Ferrari Museums, decided to overnight in Modena. Mind blowing dinner!!!

In desperate need of a holiday, cannot handle much more excitement!!! Sure the flight home will take care of that!

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