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EURoadTrip2018 – Stuttgart

Pouch fitted, we left for Stuttgart, via Munich Airport, destination Porsche Museum.

I have new respect for Navigational Racers! Following GPS instructions, on the wrong side of the road, traffic buzzing around you, traffic lights to contend with, all the while not losing your riding buddy! Not much time left to take in the beautiful surroundings! not much time to think about anything else either. Loving it, although I’ve never been so happy to see “85km, turn right”. (Only to almost miss the turning)

Did not give any prior thought of what to expect upon arrival at the Porsche Museum… what a pleasant surprise. The Brand just keeps growing on me!!! I’m “Infected”

Some serious exotics, prototypes and classics, all collectibles.

Scalpels have behaved impeccably, although more than one tonsil buzzed us, probably looking for a race, during the day. Being the law abiding, nervous, citizens we are, we behaved. Besides, we are still running in.

280km in one sitting did become a little long. Nothing a fuel stop and drinks break didn’t fix. Not very often I make the time to tweak the handle bar position & levers, which make a massive difference in comfort and handling. Love the 790Duke, can’t wait to think it through some corners later. At the ‘Ring’, running in speeds of course!

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