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2020 Namibia Day 6: Punctured

When you have been told not to swim in the river because of crocodiles, Andre Viljoen, packing your bag with your back to the river, bush behind you
moves…. you understand what Epupa means. Gardener seemed as surprised as me!

Windows open, aircon off, for maximum sensory effect! We leave Omarunga, but somehow Torty seems to be holding back. After a brief moment I realize I haven’t hit the power button…. how is that not default on every vehicle!

After Andy Styling and I were almost stranded on the very same road in 2017, when you see a vehicle in distress you stop and help. The expression of desperation as we stop at the local who claims he has been stuck here for two days already, please help! (I vaguely remember seeing him on the way in) For a fleeting moment I wonder if Logistics will relocate to the Tortoise Shell to allow my new friend to navigate me to his desired destination. I feel the disapproving glare in my peripheral vision and realize some things sound better in my head. Most actually!

Secure my new buddy in the Shell, while trying to make sense of the name of the village he wants to go to. Oka…something, they all sound the same to me. So I decide to drop him in the next village, regardless.

Ask Logistics if there’s a problem as I climb in the cab, “I’m worried” she replies. “ I’m worried too, hope he doesn’t drink my beers”.

Arrive in the next village, open the door, relieved to see the beers in tact! Drop the guy, make sure he is sorted, bid farewell and continue on our way…. Me glowing like a night in shining armor! Bring on the adventure!

Brake hard as a blind river crossing routes into a single track cement bridge, ABS kicks in, weight of Torty’s shell pushes the rear so we are facing the river not the road (bridge) Logistics/Epupa, she gets it! Turn into the slide, release the brake and pendulum our way across the concrete bridge. Disaster averted, I’m loving this!

Reach Opuwo in 3hours 10, when your mobile home gets airtime, twice!

Continue towards Sesfontein onto Palmwag as per the enthusiastic suggestions over dinner last night. Excellent condition roads, stunning scenery.

Temperatures reach 40 degrees!
Arrive at Palmwag. With a puncture!

There are many ways to skin the cat!

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