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2020 Namibia Day 4: Why I ride

In a recent article Harley Boss requested Journalists to “sell the motorcycle lifestyle” rather than “explaining the product” (Link article below)

Today’s stage (to Epupa Falls) would have been epic on a bike, with unpredictable patches of road and river crossings washed away by the recent rains to keep one focused and entertained.

Today it occurred to me how sanitized the trip is from the comfort of the air conditioned Tortoise! I am not complaining, but making a point. After all, it’s not like we can rush back here next weekend…. just don’t ask me twice!

Today I was robbed of a great ride exposed to all the elements: smell, heat exhaustion, physical exertion, dehydration, sounds, people, animals and other risks of a great road littered with beautiful scenery! Everything I love about Adventure riding. That satisfying feeling reaching your destination after navigating whatever challenges have crossed your path during the day. That ice cold beer and the childish banter with your riding mates as you regurgitate each little instant or close shave! That’s why I ride!

Judging from the cutlery scattered around the “living room”, may need a less attacking approach to obstacles on the return journey, despite taking 5 hours to cover 180km! Remarkable how different obstacles look at Tortoise speeds.

Coffee machine tried to kill me again this morning, turns out I can still move like lightening. May need some Physio or time off tho!


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