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2020 Namibia Day 3, Liaison

Lost In my thoughts, taking in the farm sounds, sipping my morning coffee, the silence is broken by the piercing shrill of parrot being strangled. Turns out it’s the kettle whistling on the gas stove. Logistics nowhere to be found.

Chilled drive to Opuwo Country Lodge, which we discovered in 2017 when we encountered problems (that was a crazy day) on our Epic Epupa Falls Adventure. Really cool to be back.

Still bazaar to see everyone. I mean everyone, driving walking, sitting, eating, already in conversation, talking on their mobile phones!

Tortoise turning out to be quite the bundle of fun. Extremely well thought out, almost everything included… except braai tongs. Wtf! Pleasantly surprised at how comfortable the sleeping arrangement is. Well ventilated and not as claustraphobic as I worried it may be. After some tactical mistakes, been banished from any chores in the living area. Life is good in the Kunene.

More about that crazy day in 2017: https://onetrackmind.co.za/2017/07/19/namibia-2017-day-7/

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