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2020 CDBA Day 3

CDBA: Day 3.
Well. As days go, that was pretty out there!
Absolutely sublime morning riding into wilderness over Montague Pass, bringing back great memories of the first time we did the pass (Uniondale, Baviaanskloof, back to Knysna in one day) in Ducati Leathers on a 950, back in the day. Those leathers were never the same. Also the first time I shaved my head in memory of my mother and “The Sunflowerfund”. Turns out it’s her birthday today. Gone 20 years, RIP Mom.
Followed by the Seven Passes into Knysna, another blast from the past, through the back of Wilderness, then onto Angies G Spot for Lunch over Prince Alfred Pass… but not without its drama.
All parked up on the outside of the corner after encountering one of the BMW SideCars having flipped into the forest, trying to figure out ways to recover the bulk without damaging it, a tonsil comes blasting around the corner in the middle of the road. Sees us. Freezes. Left with with no option than to drop the bike and separate before impact. We scatter for our lives, running into what should have been his line through the corner. His bike proceeds to clatter into Rays 790R, which stops it from joining the SideCar in the tree!
When you completely run out of talent, crash into the scene of an accident and proceed to blame everyone for standing in the middle of the road. Moron, you should consider yourself lucky the 4×4 and Grader left just minutes before you arrived, or you would have been much worse off.
Loyalty. When your dumbass buddy arrives and protests he would have made the corner if we were not trying to help at the scene of the accident. Some mothers should not be allowed to have children. Steal oxygen much!
Tasty burgers at Angies G Spot, which we found surprisingly easily!
Continue on our own route home, popping into an old friend of the General’s pub for a quick catchup.
Encounter a local, fallen off his bicycle, hit his head, lying in a pool of blood. First glance things look really bad, thankfully he is breathing. Ray returns to the pub to ask for help. Call Vodacom 911, put through to Uniondale SAPS, call drops, never hear back from Vodacom. Call 10111, George Police answer, same thing, call drops, nothing further. Call event management who contact local medics to despatch ambulance… as the patients very very very drunk family arrive at the scene. “Is hy dood” they ask. No, he is breathing, ambulance is on the way, we reply.
Things escalate quickly from hero rescuers to villain bikers in “hit and run”! Try to contain the situation, as the crowd grows. Patient eventually starts groaning, which aggravates the very very very drunk family. Tell Jason, the patient, to lie still trying to keep the family from interfering with him… to no avail. Realize Jason is as drunk as the rest…. as he rises from near death and tries to Ride his bicycle.
We decide to leave for our own safety, the locals lob rocks at us as we make our way back to base in a very welcome, bazaar hard drizzle.
WTF is wrong with this world!

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