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MV Agusta Factory Tour

The GPS warned me that the Moto Guzzi Museum only opens at 15:00, so I rerouted to MV Agusta assuming the Museum would be at the same location. Well its not. And its closed until Saturday. A blessing in disguise!!!

Upon arrival at MV, I presented myself to security and whispered the password “factory tour”, not expecting much as I had not made a booking. “Uno momento” (with finger in the air) came the response as security made a quick call… and ten minutes later i had my own personal factory tour guide.

Unfortunately photos are “not permitted” in the pre-production, parts bin (“supermarket”) & single line production assembly plant, but are allowed in the post assembly area where the bike undergo final check, rolling resistance and quality control. So i made a video, attached to album.

Words cannot describe the privilege i felt today being treated like a vip by one of the ultimate motorcycle brands out there. Friendly, welcoming, accommodating, not rushed, just proud to show the world their passion. Building world class motorcycles.

Like other manufacturers, parts manufacture are mostly outsourced, but certain machine work and final assembly is done in house to ensure ultimate quality with a dyno room for final testing…

Ive had the privledge of doing other factory tours, but always at arms length. This was sureal. Watching a motorcycle come together and breathe life for the first time. Epic. Days just dont get much better than today. An overall unbeatable experience from a humble group of guys doing what they love. At no charge.

Inspired by the days events, i whatsapp Amanda to tell her im on my way. “Beers getting warm” she responds. Select “shortest route” on the gps thinking that would be a nice tight mountain pass back to Como, why didnt GPS route me this way before!

By now I am becoming quite comfortable on the wrong side of the car on the wrong side of the road and find myself running ahead of pack frequently, despite my lack of power and foreign rainy conditions. Although it does take all my concentration and as much as I trust the gps, i have taken a few exits prematurely.

After a rather spirited drive up the mountain , Imagine my surprise when I am suddenly presented with Border Control! Text “im in Switzerland”, “you are going the wrong way” comes the response! (Was hoping for a little more sympathy to be honest). Pull over and recheck the GPS route, which appears to be correct and continue at a more respectable pace into Como.

What a day, they just dont get more surreal.

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