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    In the thick of negotiations, Simola 2021 and its preparations had to take a back seat for what otherwise would have been my best prepared SimolaHC to date. Between forfeiting the first nights accomodation, (booked months in advance), and the…

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    '84 GTV6 3.0L (Replica),  Blog

    Fuorilegge (Outlaw)

    From Replica to Outlaw. Upon closer inspection, turns out one of the sodium filled exhaust valves had failed, which is a thing! So, while the motor is out, we will take the opportunity to perform some upgrades, including some creative…

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    '67 Sprint GT (Scalino),  Blog

    Scalino Blasted

    Scalino returned from blasting today. First sight was a bit of a shock revealing a lot more work and rust than originally visible. However, the important structural parts look very good. Suspension components have also had a makeover and look…

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    '84 GTV6 3.0L (Replica),  Blog

    GTV6 3.0L (Replica)

    I purchased this car under the pretense, or assumption depending on your point of view, that it was a genuine 3L GTV6. Having bought two other cars from the same owner, I paid for it in advance, so not to…

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