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    KTM 790 Duke gets Carbon Rims

    Spoiled the Scalpel with some BST Carbon Rims. After a week of rain, I jumped at the opportunity to sample these bad boys on Cape Towns finest roads, bumpy and smooth! Not one for flamboyance, I have to say, for…

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    Porsche 996 – feed the soul

    They say two wheels move the body and four wheels move the Soul. I agree with the generalization, but have to say, there are cars that are good for the soul. And this is one of them. There is a…

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    '67 Sprint GT (Scalino),  Blog

    Scalino Blasted

    Scalino returned from blasting today. First sight was a bit of a shock revealing a lot more work and rust than originally visible. However, the important structural parts look very good. Suspension components have also had a makeover and look…

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    '84 GTV6 3.0L (Replica),  Blog

    GTV6 3.0L (Replica)

    I purchased this car under the pretense, or assumption depending on your point of view, that it was a genuine 3L GTV6. Having bought two other cars from the same owner, I paid for it in advance, so not to…

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    '71 1750GTV,  Blog

    Hill Climb Departure

    The day has arrived, Ready To Race, or not! And not without the last minute problems… Started blowing fuses on Monday, but had to leave for KTM Conference before finding the short. Returned last night and managed to source the…

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