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    Speedweek 2014, Hakskeenpan

    This morning Facebook reminded me of this epic trip to Speedweek, Hakskeenpan. It all began over G&T’sat Vascos one Friday afternoon. Received a WhatsApp pic of Ray leaving Upington for Hakskeenpan. Showed the guys and before long we were making…

  • 790Intro

    Meet the family

    Introducing the KTM 790 Duke and its bad brother in the making, KTM 790 Adventure Prototype. #readytorace #goodtimes #enoughsaid #cantcontainmyself

  • EICMAInvite

    790 Reasons to attend EICMA 2017

    I have not been that tired since PE days. The first leg of our day flight to Milan, landed in Dubai at midnight. Up since 4am, watching terrible in flight movies, no sleep! Deprivation setting in. Time for a quick…

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