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    EURoadTrip2018 – Mattighofen

    212km of unrelenting rain today. Soaked to the core, no coffee breaks, just ride! After some slipping and sliding, switched drive to “Rain Mode” for improved traction. 790 flawless through the entire 5609km. Average consumption of 5.4l/100km. Specifically designed maxxis…

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    EURoadTrip2018 – Alfaholics

    Special day at the much anticipated Holy Grail, Alfaholics! Unannounced we received a warm welcome and tour through the facilities! might have been the rain! Impressive levels of stock for 105 Alfa’s, dispatched all over the world! Carbon, aluminum and…

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    Ferrari Museum – Gallery

    Visiting Italy for EICMA 2017, popped down to Modena to visit a few Museums. First visited Ferrari back in 1999, not much has changed although a lot more commercialized and popular tourist destination. Really nice taking in the vibe of…

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