• gsxr750-3
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    GSXR750 Suzuki

    Hmm. Perks of the job, they say. Not entirely my cup of tea, but quite impressive nonetheless. 160kph in second gear, imagine what it does with the remaining 4 gears!Lovely torque, far to screamy for me, although I’m not completely…

  • tyrenoise
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    Inspired by a meme from this morning, I had to add my limited opinion to the matter! It always amazes when clients ask my opinion on Tyres, only to complain about their (tyre) noise! Safety first people! In my opinion,…

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    EURoadTrip2019 Salzburg

    Alorra, not much to say about yesterday’s ride. Planned to leave at 6am and breakfast in Venice en route to Mattighofen, but woke up at 7:15 and adjusted accordingly… as we do in Italy. Leisurely breakfast followed by the scenic…

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    EURoadTrip2019 MotoGP SanMarino

    Fun day under the Italian Sun!!! Slept like a rock, with two more power naps before breakfast of champions overlooking the Adriatic. Life is good in Italy Picked up a local SIM card for “Hot Spot” phone, 25 Euros for…

  • 70082129_10220403325014573_2817258710907224064_o
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    EURoadTrip2019 – Austria to Italy

    Lump in my throat as I bid the boys farewell. They head home while I get some me time… Decisions decisions, where to for the next three nights after plans for Goodwood Revival were cancelled last minute! When life hands…

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    2019 KTM Factory Tour Day 5

    Day 5, that’s a wrap. Actually it’s a burger. Feeling returning to my finger, took a last blast around Mattighofen, speed reading the small Austrian roadsigns as they rushed by. Managed to pull back the 11:08 eta to 10:58 over…

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