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    2020 Namibia Day 7: Skeleton Coast

    A tribute to my parents, particularly my father, who always spoke of visiting the Skeleton Coast and Richtersveld (which I’m now blessed to call my backyard) but never did. It’s been over 20 years now, I’m far from the IT…

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    2020 Namibia Day 6: Punctured

    When you have been told not to swim in the river because of crocodiles, Andre Viljoen, packing your bag with your back to the river, bush behind you moves…. you understand what Epupa means. Gardener seemed as surprised as me!…

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    2020 Day 5: Rest Day

    Checked in for 2 nights, explore the area. Reflect, walk, swim, sleep, beer, repeat. All things we don’t usually get to do on a Bike Trip. Evening ends with great conversation with camp manager and family from Poland. Not Holland…

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    2020 Namibia Day 4: Why I ride

    In a recent article Harley Boss requested Journalists to “sell the motorcycle lifestyle” rather than “explaining the product” (Link article below) Today’s stage (to Epupa Falls) would have been epic on a bike, with unpredictable patches of road and river…

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    2020 Namibia Day 3, Liaison

    Lost In my thoughts, taking in the farm sounds, sipping my morning coffee, the silence is broken by the piercing shrill of parrot being strangled. Turns out it’s the kettle whistling on the gas stove. Logistics nowhere to be found.…

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    2020 Namibia Day 2, Etosha Pan

    Wake up after second sleep, ask logistics what that strange sound? I think I left that thing out that made the coffee machine explode the last time. Turn it off I say! Why she protests. Because the last time it…

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